Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Airport

Recently (last week) I went on holiday (hence the lack of blogs) and I realised how fascinating airports are, so I decided to write a blog about them.

When you enter the departures part of an airport (usually having been dropped off by an overpriced taxi) you are greeted by a sea of people. Literally, there is people everywhere, fat people, thin people, tall people, ginger people, happy people, foreign people and that one person who thinks they were put on this earth to complain about everything (I will let you decide weather this is me or not).

Firstly, you have to have your bags checked in, the people on these desks seem to be people of few words so, instead of saying "Whereabouts are you traveling to today?" They say "Where?" This is very confusing because 'Where?' could mean anything.

Next, you have to go through security, the people here have even less words, instead of saying "please go through the scanner" they just point. When I went on holiday last week we had to take off our shoes and have them scanned. What a load of rubbish. As if you would put a bomb in your shoe. I nearly stated by opinion but we were in Liverpool airport so I wouldn't have been able to understand anybodies response.

Finlay, you complete security and go through to the wonderful land of duty-free, it's like a white, perfume smelling heaven. Then all you have to do is get on the cramped bus to the aeroplane and enjoy the flight. Well, not me personally, I hate flying, it just doesn't seem natural to me and I feel very unsafe. If the engine failed in a car you would just stop if an aeroplane engine failed... splat.