Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hello hello hello

(without wishing to repeat myself) Hello! Sorry I've taken a bit of a break from the old blogging over christmas but I'm back on track now, promise! Tomorrow I'm going shopping (sorry dad) so I will defiantly blog my experience of shopping in the sales (help me).

If you were wondering, which you probably weren't, what I had for christmas I'm not going to make a blog post in case people think I'm bragging but I will say I had a phone that shares its name with a fruit...

Funny story: for Christmas I had Ed Sheerans album (I just contradicted myself didn't I...) and within 24hrs it was stolen... STOLEN, from me by my own father. We live in an evil world.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

School worries me

Yesterday I was given my 'interim report' from school. This is basically a letter that says all your levels, if you are on target or not and if you are putting enough effort in. Basically, it's so school can tell OFSTED they have given us reports without actually writing reports.

Anyway, my interim was bad. They said I was on a B in English and in Maths- this is a lie. I have never in my life got a B in either subject, just A's and A*'s. I think it's so when I get an A again in year 11 they can say "Look! She made progress, we have taught her something, aren't we clever". They also said I was off target in ICT, I got a merit. Personally, I would be very happy with a merit in ICT as I have no plans to work in computers and the only website I ever use is Google.

The funny thing is these reports are so contradictory. Firstly, all the subjects I was apparently 'off target' for I had the highest effort grades in. Also, and here's the really worrying thing, after being told I was off target in ICT guess what came in the post this morning? I postcard saying how well I was doing in ICT. School worries me.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Have you ever read a blog?

This is a rant, if you don't like rants don't read this, go and read a blog about flower arranging or something.

It really annoys me how people who have never read a blog think they know everything there is to know about blogging and think they have the right to judge it. They say things like 'why would you have a blog?' well, it's better than sitting at home all the time watching 'Big Brother' and eating chips isn't it? The thing that gets me is 99% of those people have never read a blog. That's like saying a song is rubbish without even listening to it. To be honest it's just plain ignorance.

If you have read a blog and you still don't like them, fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but please try and be a bit respectful about how you put it across. Would you like it if I spoke about 'I'm a celebrity' the way you speak about blogging? No? Then sit down and shut up.

Before you give me the old 'Who reads blogs anyway?' Hundreds, no thousands of people read blogs everyday so please check your facts before you say anything.

If you have made it this far into my rant you are a very brave person, I salute you. Happy blogging.

** I am not trying to offend anyone who watches the television programs mentioned above or any activities mentioned. **

How to pass a German exam

Today was my German exam, the one I blogged about the other day. Surprisingly, it went rather well, I had a couple a blank moments but overall I was happy. I did find it easier they gave us dictionaries, don't get me wrong, I completely disagree with the fact they give us dictionaries in language exams but it did make it so much easier. For example, like us German's have different words for different tenses e.g eat and ate. Unfortunately, in the exam I couldn't remember the German words then I realised my dictionary listed them all! Perfect. All I had to do was work out what tenses were what then I was away, oh the joys of having a big dictionary.

I did use it for spellings too obviously...

Also, I finished half an hour early so I amused myself my watching everyone trying to remember their essays, if you ever have a spare 5 minutes an exam this is such an entertaining experience. Well, it was until a teacher realised what I was doing so then I decided to look up random words in my dictionary. Did you know 'bloggen' in German means 'to blog'- you learn something knew everyday.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Thought for the day

Today my friend asked me "Sarah, would you have a mid life crisis at 40 or 50, if you had a choice?" Please don't ask me why she said this but it really got me thinking...

I have come to the conclusion that I would defiantly not have one at 50 because that's basically saying you think you will live to 100 (50 is half of 100, I think) and I find that rather big headed. So that leaves the other option, 40. I still think it's a bit big headed saying your going to live until 80 but by having it at 40 it gives you longer to recover and 'turn your life around'.

I think I should write a self help book.

**this blog is a joke please do not take offence, I know mid life crises can be very serious.**

Monday, 5 December 2011

Here is one I wrote earlier

I wrote this poem on a bus, at 4am, in about 5 minutes so please don't expect anything brilliant

Being on a bus

Buses are wonderful
Yes, they really are
I think their a lot better
Than traveling in a car

You have the wonderful conditions
All cramped and tight
It's even better when
Your journey is at night

The air conditioning is lovely
So quite and calm
And you can never find anything
Especially sweets or lib balm

The aisle is very spacious
Down it a marathon you could run
And the entertainment is brilliant
Busses are such fun

The tacky tinsel on the window
Adds to the glamourous effect
Bottles are constantly been thrown at you
That you have to be quick to deflect

The seats are just brilliant
Top quality stuff
And you clothes stay in perfect condition
No creases from collar to cuff

Personal space is overrated
Sitting next to strangers is great
Hey, if they offer you a sweet
You've found yourself a new best mate

So that's why I love busses
And the wonders that they are
But next time I think
I'd rather take the car... train, plane or any other form of transport

All I want for christmas is food....

Merry December everyone! It's not quite Christmas yet, people really do need to calm down with the Christmas decorations, but we're getting pretty close. I absolutely love Christmas, it's my favourite time of the year and as you only get about 80 you may as well make the most of every one.

The reason I love Christmas so much is not because of the presents or the cards, it's the atmosphere. It's the time of year that everybody is happy and gets into the spirit of things. For example, I am the worst singer in the world, even my mum says singing is not one of my 'greater talents' but I just can't help myself belting out a couple of Christmas songs through-out December. Also, I am dead set against anything tacky but come Christmas I am all for singing Santa's and dancing snowmen, after all Christmas is Christmas. Even my mum who comes from the rather posh end of York loves a good light up snow globe at Christmas.

I think people of my age tend to forget what Christmas is really about. They forget about being happy and being with their family, all they care about is what presents they get. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas presents but without them I am sure Christmas would still be my favourite time of year where as most teenagers 'wouldn't see the point', which is really sad. Also, they take advantage of Christmas. All year they walk around school saying "Oh yeah, Gods fake init" but as soon as it turns December they are perfectly happy to celebrate the birth of Gods son aren't they? I have nothing against atheists, but if your going to be one, stick to it.

Now, I have missed one vital element of Christmas out of my blog, THE FOOD. I love Christmas food, I love Christmas eve roast ham, I love cheese and crackers at Christmas day tea time, I love boxing day cold turkey but most of all I love Christmas dinner. I look forward to it all year, the turkey, the roast, the stuffing, pigs in blankets, carrots, Yorkshire puddings, cranberry sauce, everything really. I also love Christmas pudding and Christmas cake, they are proper food in my opinion.

So that was some of my thoughts on Christmas, merry Christmas to all and to all a good night- if you don't know where that line is from you haven't had a proper childhood, sorry.

*If you have read this blog and your not christian I hope you have a lovely winter, I hope it snows!*