Monday, 5 December 2011

Here is one I wrote earlier

I wrote this poem on a bus, at 4am, in about 5 minutes so please don't expect anything brilliant

Being on a bus

Buses are wonderful
Yes, they really are
I think their a lot better
Than traveling in a car

You have the wonderful conditions
All cramped and tight
It's even better when
Your journey is at night

The air conditioning is lovely
So quite and calm
And you can never find anything
Especially sweets or lib balm

The aisle is very spacious
Down it a marathon you could run
And the entertainment is brilliant
Busses are such fun

The tacky tinsel on the window
Adds to the glamourous effect
Bottles are constantly been thrown at you
That you have to be quick to deflect

The seats are just brilliant
Top quality stuff
And you clothes stay in perfect condition
No creases from collar to cuff

Personal space is overrated
Sitting next to strangers is great
Hey, if they offer you a sweet
You've found yourself a new best mate

So that's why I love busses
And the wonders that they are
But next time I think
I'd rather take the car... train, plane or any other form of transport

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