Wednesday, 21 December 2011

School worries me

Yesterday I was given my 'interim report' from school. This is basically a letter that says all your levels, if you are on target or not and if you are putting enough effort in. Basically, it's so school can tell OFSTED they have given us reports without actually writing reports.

Anyway, my interim was bad. They said I was on a B in English and in Maths- this is a lie. I have never in my life got a B in either subject, just A's and A*'s. I think it's so when I get an A again in year 11 they can say "Look! She made progress, we have taught her something, aren't we clever". They also said I was off target in ICT, I got a merit. Personally, I would be very happy with a merit in ICT as I have no plans to work in computers and the only website I ever use is Google.

The funny thing is these reports are so contradictory. Firstly, all the subjects I was apparently 'off target' for I had the highest effort grades in. Also, and here's the really worrying thing, after being told I was off target in ICT guess what came in the post this morning? I postcard saying how well I was doing in ICT. School worries me.

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