Saturday, 5 January 2013

Happy New Year/ Round up of 2012

Happy New Year everyone! I know I haven’t written a blog in ages, but I have GCSE exams coming up and I have to revise a lot as I’m not what you’d call ‘academically gifted’. Anyway, please forgive me.

I thought I’d write a little blog rounding up some bits and bobs that have happened to me in 2012, it’s not that exciting and I can’t remember a lot of the things that happened to me. This year, I’m going to write down all the interesting things that happen so hopefully next year I’ll have lots of thing to talk about. Anyway…

I think it was January when it snowed. Snow, where I live, doesn’t come in vast amounts and the snow that we do get turns to ice very quickly. You find yourself sliding to school, as appose to the traditional method of walking. It’s always me that’s the first, and only, person to fall over. It just all happens so fast, one minute you’re chit chatting to your friend about Eastenders and the next minute, whoooosh, you’re on the floor. Of course, there’s always a gang on giggling year 7’s behind you that make a great point of stepping over you while your just sitting helplessly on the floor. This my friends, is why I’m all in favour of school’s shutting at the first sign of snow.

In February I was revising for the exams that take place in March. They weren’t ‘proper’ exams, just mocks put on by the school to ‘test our progress’. The thing is, we’d already had exams in September, and I don’t know about you, but I do not make any notable progress in 6 months. In fact, I don’t make any notable progress ever really. So yes, I spent February revising which was, as I remember, just wonderful.

March was a very good month for me as it was when I did my first ever work experience. I went to a local lifestyle magazine and I had a wonderful time. I learnt lots about working at a magazine; the writing, the photography, the editorial and even the advertising. The people were really nice too and were always on hand to answer questions. I also had a view articles I wrote published, which was lovely and very unexpected.

Chocolate was a major factor in the month of April as it was, of course, Easter. I love Easter because you can just eat lots of chocolate and not feel guilty. I don’t understand why people would want actual presents at Easter instead of chocolate eggs. During the Easter holidays me and my family went to stay in a cottage in Wales for a week, don’t worry, it had WIFI! I thought it was going to be a dull let’s-go-for-another-walk week but I actually had a really good time. We did do a lot of walking but the scenery was stunning. I will stop there as I am aware I’m starting to sound rather middle aged.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! In May it was my birthday and I had a jolly time. I had my first pair of Converse from my mum and dad and have quickly become my favourite shoes. They are just so comfortable and they go with everything. Literally, I know longer have to worry about finding shoes that match my outfit, it’s great if you’re into minimal effort dressing like me. I even wear mine with dresses- SHOOT ME. My birthday party involved a trip to Pizza Hut with my friends and then party games out my house, it was great but the cleaning up after wasn’t (I will no longer ask my friends to play games that involve cutting up chocolate with a knife and fork).

 June (You’re halfway there, please keep reading…)
June is an awful month because it feels like it should be the summer holidays but it’s not and that’s sad. I honestly can’t remember what happened in June apart from that my school was really warm and we still had to keep our sweatshirts on.

Finally, finally it was the summer holidays. Don’t you just love the last day of term, when everyone’s running around and swearing at the teacher because they can’t do anything about it? If you go to a bit of a ‘rough around the edges’ school like mine, you may have experienced the tradition of drinking (alcohol) in school on the last day of term. Personally, I don’t observe this practice but several of my friends came in with their vodka-orange juice concoctions and were sat casually drinking them in maths. Let’s just say they were all very… happy… by the time the bell went.

August was the month of the family holiday. The less said about that the better. I’m joking, it wasn’t that bad. But by the end of 2 weeks sharing a room with your little brother and watching your dad attempt to dive into the swimming pool, you’re ready to go home.

‘Back to School’ also known as ‘Kill Me Now’. It’s just the worst thing ever trudging up the school drive after a wonderful 6 weeks off. It’s usually ok because we don’t have to be in until 11am but this year I had to be in, bright and early at 9am to show the delightful new year 7’s around. My tour of the school went something like this:

"This is the library, there is books here.

This is the canteen, there is food here.

This is the tennis courts, you play here (except don’t play because that’s not cool, just stand around in groups trying to look older than you are).

This is the hall, stuff happens here.

This is a maths classroom, I have no idea what goes on here."

October…well it happened I suppose. I was in a show at school called Spooktacular, needless to say it was a Halloween themed performance. A group of year 7’s ‘sung’ Angels by Robbie Williams and I myself was in the school orchestra- we played the theme from Edward Scissorhands. Well, I call it an orchestra, there is only ten of us and it’s all out of proportion. There’s 3 saxophones, 4 clarinets, a flute and 2 violins. I won’t lie to you, we’re pretty awful.

I had my final maths exam in November which was good and bad. Bad obviously because it was maths and that’s not really one of my strong areas. Can someone please explain to me what a Cosine is exactly? But it’s good because now I never have to do a maths lesson again! (yes, that sentence deserved an exclamation mark) I still have a lesson that’s supposed to be maths but I just sit and spin around on my swivel chair because everyone else is doing a ‘bridge to A level’ course that I am refusing to partake in.

FEED THE WORLD etc etc. I love that song, it's my favourite Christmas song, although my mother says if I had released it no one would have donated any money. Charming. Anyway, I love Christmas so much, the food and the music and the presents and the atmosphere. I just love it. Christmas dinner is my favourite meal of the whole year and I start looking forward to it in June. This year was no disappointment, with the usual display of pigs in blankets, turkey and roast potatoes being consumed. Another event that happened in December was that my poor little dog chewed through the Christmas lights and had 240 volts across his tongue. He’s fine now though, he just had a bit of a shock, and a burned mouth.

So that is a round up of my year. I congratulate you if you read it all the way to the end and I congratulate you even more if you aren’t now crying with boredom. So yes, happy new year again and I hope you have a wonderful 2013.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

It's that time again!

It's that wonderful time of year when the whole of the UKs teenagers go into a state of depression. Yes, that's right, it's exam time. Well, it will be in a couple of weeks but at the moment it's still revise-loads-even-though-we-don't-care-if-we-pass-or-not time. I hate revising because, for me at least, it's not revising at all, its learning. I have no recollection of learning anything at school that's in my science revision guide so I am having to teach  myself and then revise it the next day. I have a vague memory of doing the things in my RE 'guide to sucesses' in class but to be honest all we do in RE is watch videos and argue.

This whole learning scenario has got me thinking, why do I bother going to school? I clearly don't learn anything that's in the exams so why don't I just stay at home and teach myself? Think about it, we're at school from 9am-3pm with 1hr 20 mins for break and lunch. If I worked while I ate my lunch and didn't have a break I could finish at 1:55! (If my maths serves me correctly). Also, the amount of time teachers spend doing the registers, checking our uniform and checking that we have all our equipment must come to at least half an hour and I wouldn't have to do any of that if I was at home. The majority of the school day is just time being wasted.

Anyway, I must dash I've got chemistry to learn/revise. Do you know anything about the 'Finacial benefits of the Harbour Process'? No, me neither.

Friday, 23 March 2012

My interview

Today I had an interview at school. It wasn't really for anything it was just so we could 'get a feel for what an interview is like'. I know, the excuses our school makes are just ridiculous, we know what an interview is like now could you please give us an education rather than a 'fun interactive day'. Anyway, as I had no choice in the matter at 12:20 today I was sat in the library ready for my 'interview'.We had to dress in smart clothes which for the majority of my school means a new tracksuit that's not got a beer stain on it. I however, decided to be a bit more classy and wear a knee length skirt and a blazer. I'm not going to lie, I resembled a nun.

My interview didn't get off to a good start. I stood by the desk looking over at my interviewer. He was quite broad and I about 50 ish. Also, I don't think he was married because his suit was a bit crushed. As I stood there he was doing some paper work and failed to see me. So I coughed... tapped my foot and edged forward a bit, but there was still no response, to be honest I think he was a bit hard of hearing.

Once he a finally acknowledged my existence he shook my hand and invited me to sit down, about time too. He then proceeded to ask me what GCSE's I was taking. I now realise that saying "GCSE German" was a big mistake. He started to talk to me.. In German. Of course, my mind went completely blank and I couldn't even remember what 'Hello my name is Sarah' was. Actually, I was at a slight disadvantage because my interviewer was from Liverpool so he was speaking German in a scouse accent, it was quite something. I couldn't really make out what he was saying so I just smiled and hoped it wasn't a question.

The interview continued quite smoothly for a while, I had to list my 'personal qualities' and say what I did in my spare time, it wasn't a stereotypical interview at all. Then he asked me what I would bring to his company, so I answered. Then he asked me again "So, what will you bring to my company?" so I answered with what I had said before, re-phrased and gave  him a slightly confused look. Then, to my horror, he asked me again "What will you bring to my company?". I just sat and stared at him, what a strange man. He then said to me "Sarah, this is why you must not let all your information go on the first question, you have nothing else to tell me".  Now, correct me if I'm wrong but the standard procedure is to ask someone a question, listen to their answer and then move on, not to then repeat the question. Why would I need to hold any information back?

After this confusing ordeal he asked me if I had any questions for him. I had several but I didn't dare ask them, he was bigger than me. I really wanted to ask him "Do you often pretend you have a memory problem and speak in Scouse- German in order to confuse candidates at interviews or am I a one off?". Of course I just said "No" and stood up to shake his hand.

I hope my next interview has a little more English and the interviewer does not seem like he should not be in a mental hospital.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Bit of a deep blog...

"If practise makes perfect
 But nobody's perfect,
 Why practise?"

I think this quote is really quite negative. It's basically saying there is no point trying because you'll never be perfect. However, doesn't it all come down to how you define perfection? Is it being the best that you can be or being the best person in the world? For me it's being the best that you can be. I'll never be the best dancer in the world but I still practise because I want to be the best that I can possibly be. What's so wrong with that?

Saturday, 10 March 2012

I'm back!

Hello again everyone! What a strange sensatiation this is- me blogging!

I'm really sorry I have been away for years but I have been super duper busy with exams and stuff. (stuff meaning all of life's other challenges).

My exams went rather well, I got an A* in German (yarrr) and an A* in R:E (Amen). I got a C in maths which is quite bad but I have decided C stands for 'Couldn't care less anyway' so it's all fine. I didn't do that well in English really, I got an A but that's only because I did well on the creative writing bit, on the other questions I did quite badly. One of the questions was 'How does the title link to the text?',now, am I missing something here or is that really obvious? The title tells you what the text is about. Anyway, I put that and I only got a couple of marks.

Enough about me, how are you? Oh yes, you can't reply to me, oh well, more about me then...

Next weekend I go to PGL (but my mum and dad are still at home so please don't burgle my house) which is an adventure holiday thingy. I'm not telling you which one I'm going to so you can't come and abduct me. I will probably blog about it when I get back but I'm not promising anything because most things I say I will blog about never get blogged.

My mother has bought a slow cooker. Oh dear. She talks about it so much I think she's going to divorce my dad and marry it. Seriously, all I have heard for the past week is "Slow cooker" this and "Slow cooker" that. I'm secretly hoping the novelty will wear off soon.

My dad is 51 next week and I have written him a poem to celebrate. I will post it on here after he has read it because I don't want the Internet seeing it before he does. He is also having an mp3 player and some socks. He is having an mp3 player because he doesn't get on with Itunes. You see, he had my old purple Ipod (he's not fussy about colour) but every time he plugs it into the computer he just swears and pulls it out again- very strange. I do agree with him though, Itunes is a bit of a pain in the neck, even the easiest of things are so hard to do.

Right, I better go now and run my mother a bath (child labour) byyyyyyyyye!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

I thought you would like to see...

My school has recently made a massive mistake. They have given us the wrong dates for our work experience, not once, not twice, but 3 times. I am going to a magazine office for my week so I have had to email them 3 times saying that "I am sorry but my school has made a mistake, again". This time I got so frustrated that I composed a more direct email. Unfortunately, my dad wouldn't let me send it but I thought you would like to see it anyway;

Dear ---

Yet again I am emailing you to tell you that my school are really thick and they couldn' t organise an egg and spoon race. To be honest my head teacher should be emailing you now although if I asked him to he wouldn't get round to it until after I had left the school so evidently there is no point asking him.

Also, it would be really helpful if you could write a bad review about my school in your magazine, this would mean that the school would probably have to close down and I could leave early YAY.

I conclusion, my school is stupid and I think I could run it better. Actually, I think I do basically run it because they only seam to get things done when I go and ask sometime persistently or my dad writes them a nasty email. Of course, I never would run that place, put my name by an instutuaon like that, I don't think so.

Yours Sincerly,

I must stress that I didn't send this email but I was ready to!

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Hello everyone, long time no speak! Just a quick update to say that

A) I am not dead
B) I am still 'blogging'
C) I am not blogging at the moment because...

Stupid exams. I have an exam in every subject within the next month but they aren't even propper exams, they aren't even mock exams, they are exams for the sake of it. Either that or they are so the teachers can say "oh look they have improved since September, we taught them something! How exiting!". Anyway, it is really tempting to not revise for these exams purely to not give my teachers the satisfaction because, let's face it, you only get good marks if you learn it yourself. Unfortunately, my mother has other ideas so for the next week and a bit I will be missing in action, sorry.

I can tell you that when I am back into the swing of blogging I have a review, a barn dancing blog and a snow blog, so... Erm... You can look forward to those... If you want to... If you even care.