Saturday, 4 February 2012


Hello everyone, long time no speak! Just a quick update to say that

A) I am not dead
B) I am still 'blogging'
C) I am not blogging at the moment because...

Stupid exams. I have an exam in every subject within the next month but they aren't even propper exams, they aren't even mock exams, they are exams for the sake of it. Either that or they are so the teachers can say "oh look they have improved since September, we taught them something! How exiting!". Anyway, it is really tempting to not revise for these exams purely to not give my teachers the satisfaction because, let's face it, you only get good marks if you learn it yourself. Unfortunately, my mother has other ideas so for the next week and a bit I will be missing in action, sorry.

I can tell you that when I am back into the swing of blogging I have a review, a barn dancing blog and a snow blog, so... Erm... You can look forward to those... If you want to... If you even care.

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