Monday, 23 January 2012

This is a very boring blog

**If you read my last blog I thought you might like to know my book is no more. I started to write it on a draft email because I don't have Microsoft Word on my laptop, my email then decided that it was going to create an 'unknown error' and it won't let me view the message. Technology has failed me again.**

I don't really know what this blog is about so I'm just going to ramble until I have filled enough space for this to be a decent length, I apologise if it is extremely boring. Today my English classroom got new chairs and tables. This may seem like an everyday occurrence until I tell you that the chairs are MULTI-COLOURED! They are the coolest thing ever, I sat on a green one, it was great. Although they might be the best thing my school has ever spent money on, the aren't very academic are they? They're not really going to get us better grades at GCSE and they aren't really helping our 'life skills' but hey, they are MULTI-COLOURED CHAIRS!

Today I had P:E and we had to do circuit training. This does mean however,  I actually did any circuit training. Don't get me wrong, i did try to do all the activities but after about 20 seconds I just gave up, too much pain, not enough gain. I attempted to do press-ups, I will never attempt to do them again. Why were these dreadful things invented? I thought everyone would be as bad as me but no, they weren't. After I had finished my set someone a lot fitter than me had a go. It really did put me to shame- she just kept going! No sign of tiring just an even rhythm; one, two, three four, five..... Mine however was more like; one, have a break, two, contemplate the existence of life, three, oh dear the whistles gone.

By the way, I have a German exam coming up (not that you care) so please expect a rant about that, possibly within the hour as I am about to start revising now- I need a good head start. This time we have to write an essay, learn it, then speak it to our teachers in a 'controlled environment'. What a load of rubbish. Yes, by the end I will be able to tell you all about what I did last weekend in German but is that really going to help me in life? Wouldn't it be better to make us learn more useful things like how to say "I need an ambulance" or "My house is on fire" or "Please officer it wasn't me".

I think they should put me in charge of all exams- and on that scary mental image, goodbye!

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