Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wild at Heart

I love Wild at Heart. Please don't stop reading this blog and send me 3000 hate messages, I don't think it's a good program at all, it's not well made, it's unrealistic and the acting isn't that brilliant either. The thing is, I think it's really entertaining to watch, the bad camera angles make it funny, the script is so far fetched it's funny and the actings so bad it's almost good (if you see what I mean?). It's like the program is making fun of itself and that's what makes it perfect Sunday night television. You have to watch the 'oh so seriouse' Dancing On Ice but then sandwiched in the middle is the light hearted happy go lucky Wild at Heart. I think that's what is missing from todays television a bit of fun, they take everything so seriously, we need more programs like Wild at Heart; being chased by real life Elephants, having a leapord living in the house, a family that's almost too perfect and of course, a happy ending. 

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