Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Eve

Happy new year everybody! 2012- we're getting on a bit now aren't we? However you celebrated I hope you had a great New Years Eve and today I am going to tell you a bit about mine.

6:45pm: Family W and Family M arrive note, I am using code names because the internet is a dangerous place. The families are welcomed into my house by my mad dog and even madder family.

7pm: Everyone is settled down with a drink, I swear my mother bought all the drinks in Tesco so there was 'plenty of options'. The presents are distributed between the children, we have our presents from Family W and Family M at new year because... because... well I don't really know why to be honest.

8pm: Food time! We had a Chinese takeaway because we like to live life on the edge at my house. I have fried rice, lemon chicken, duck and chips and I just keep filling my bowl up with those things until I physically can't eat anything else. My brother bought up the topic of how conjoined twins go to the toilet, just a normal family meal time really.

8:30pm: Finally, finally, they let us have pudding. We had Baileys cheesecake, meringues and trifle. I had meringues because I refuse to have pudding with alcohol in it and I really don't understand the concept of trifle. Why do people feel the need to mix about ten different puddings into the same bowl? My brother, on the other hand, thinks it's a gift from God himself.

9pm: The children had a nerve fight. For those of you who are not 'down with the kids' I'd better explain; basically you have a plastic gun that fires foam darts out of it and you have to run wildly round the house shooting people. Needless to say this game has been banned many times.

10:30pm: The infamous quiz took place. We take 'The Quiz' very seriously on new years eve. My mum puts questions in each of the rooms downstairs in our house and you and your partner have to go round answering all the questions. Unfortunately, this can get a little out of hand, past incidence include: Stealing helpful books from the bookshelf, riping the questions up, hiding the questions and Googling questions (this year my mum turned the Internet off just in case).

Midnight: At midnight we had sparklers and the traditional game of midnight football, please tell me everybody does this?

1am: We had a dancing competition on the Wii. I was just thinking, when you are on a game like that you do everything it tells you, regardless of how stupid you look. If it tells you to shimmy, you shimmy, no questions asked.

2am: Everybody went home and I went to bed, too much excitement for one night.

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