Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Over the past few days there has been Internet rumours about SOPA and PIPA and how they could destroy the Internet and so on. I thought this was just a rumour until... WIKIPEDIA CLOSED! It's not forever and technically it's just being "Blacked out" but still, NO WIKIPEDIA! I think the point of it is that we learn what it would be like if this SOPA and PIPA thing went ahead but I'm not really sure .

This leads nicely on to my next point (see, I do 'plan' these blogs) what actually is SOPA and PIPA? I know it's something to do with copyright and if it went ahead there wouldn't be any twitter/YouTube/Facebook/wikipedia but what actually is it? If someone reading this knows please could they comment and tell me because I'm SO CONFUSED!

Also, yesterday it was all about SOPA and PIPA but today everything seems to just be about SOPA so has PIPA been cancelled? Or doesn't it matter? Or has everyone just forgotten about it?

I need answers please, I don't understand what's going on!

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