Saturday, 10 March 2012

I'm back!

Hello again everyone! What a strange sensatiation this is- me blogging!

I'm really sorry I have been away for years but I have been super duper busy with exams and stuff. (stuff meaning all of life's other challenges).

My exams went rather well, I got an A* in German (yarrr) and an A* in R:E (Amen). I got a C in maths which is quite bad but I have decided C stands for 'Couldn't care less anyway' so it's all fine. I didn't do that well in English really, I got an A but that's only because I did well on the creative writing bit, on the other questions I did quite badly. One of the questions was 'How does the title link to the text?',now, am I missing something here or is that really obvious? The title tells you what the text is about. Anyway, I put that and I only got a couple of marks.

Enough about me, how are you? Oh yes, you can't reply to me, oh well, more about me then...

Next weekend I go to PGL (but my mum and dad are still at home so please don't burgle my house) which is an adventure holiday thingy. I'm not telling you which one I'm going to so you can't come and abduct me. I will probably blog about it when I get back but I'm not promising anything because most things I say I will blog about never get blogged.

My mother has bought a slow cooker. Oh dear. She talks about it so much I think she's going to divorce my dad and marry it. Seriously, all I have heard for the past week is "Slow cooker" this and "Slow cooker" that. I'm secretly hoping the novelty will wear off soon.

My dad is 51 next week and I have written him a poem to celebrate. I will post it on here after he has read it because I don't want the Internet seeing it before he does. He is also having an mp3 player and some socks. He is having an mp3 player because he doesn't get on with Itunes. You see, he had my old purple Ipod (he's not fussy about colour) but every time he plugs it into the computer he just swears and pulls it out again- very strange. I do agree with him though, Itunes is a bit of a pain in the neck, even the easiest of things are so hard to do.

Right, I better go now and run my mother a bath (child labour) byyyyyyyyye!

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