Monday, 18 July 2011


You might have remembered, I mentioned before that I hate maths. That is an understatement. I can not stand maths at all and if it was a person then I would have shot it, a long long time ago. Now, I’m not someone who goes around hating just for the sake of it, so, here is why I hate maths....

Firstly, I do not see the point of it all! I can't see when I’m ever going to need to use a Histogram or a cumulative frequency graph (don't ask). Personally, I don't see why I have to study something that I’m never going to use, surely I would be better learning about how to get a job, or how to buy a house, even how to capture an enemy aircraft would be more useful than maths.

Secondly, I can't do it. I was ok when it was just adding and subtracting, but as soon as you get to high school BANG! Now its all formulas and frequency. I'm ashamed to say it but I now miss doing times tables.

Thirdly, I dislike maths teachers. It seems to me that people who are good at maths can't teach it that well because they can't understand why people can't do it. They also talk about things way to fast and in a foreign language. I just want to say "In English please?"

Fourthly, maths has stolen letters off English. In my opinion, numbers are for maths and letters are for English they shouldn't mix. Letters in maths are also very confusing because the teaches says "X is unknown" and I think "It's not unknown, you have just said, it's X" And, maths people have a terrible habit of mixing the letters together so you end up with XY and ZQ, this doubles my confusion.

Fifthly... No, I’m sure your fed up of hearing me rant by now, I bet I’m boring you more than maths bores me...

Wait, let's not go that far.

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