Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Going on a train can be a very stressful experience, let's start at the beginning, and buying your ticket. You can go on a website to book your ticket, I find this option easier because I can not, for the life of me, understand what people at the station are on about when they talk about changes and platforms etc. Anyway, so imagine your on the website, you have to put in where you departing from and where you want to go to, this sounds easier, but believe me, it isn't. Say I wanted to go to London, I can't just say 'London' I have to put in the exact train station I want to go to, this is very confusing, all cities should just have one train station. Usually, I just pick the one with the best name.

Once you have eventually bought your ticket and performed a miracle of getting your printer to print it then you are all set to go. In theory. Once you have got to your departing station you have to find out which platform your train leaves from, so you have to squint at the minuscule print of the timetable and try and work out which train is yours. On finding out which platform you are, you then have to find the platform, often, you are standing on one platform and you can see the other on the other side of the tracks, but you cant get to it. So you have to ask the gaud, who speaks in absolute gobldygloob so you may as well have not bothered. And often, I don't.

Finally, you are on the train, and, personally, I get very worried about weather I should leave my personal belongings behind or weather I should report suspicious behaviour, I wish there was an announcement that could help everyone. There is also always one person who has to have that extra loud conversation on the train, just to annoy everyone I'm sure, or maybe, the train companies employ them to try and get people off the trains quicker, now there’s a thought....

The journey home is normally quite straight forward, once you have got on the correct train, at the correct time. I always find it really annoying how trains are always at times like 19:51 or 13:16 why can't they be on normal times? Anyway, half the time the trains aren't on time, because of repairs or staff shortages, how can that be? What little boy doesn't want to be a train driver?

So that's by rant on trains and remember, please don't leave any personal belongings behind and have a safe journey onwards.

...After writing that I realised just how patronising it sounds...

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