Monday, 25 July 2011

The School Show part 2

1 hour until the curtain rises
Exitey is bouncing up and down in the 'dressing room' he has been kicked out of the dwafs gang for not being 'cool enough' since then he has knocked over three tables and six chairs, the teachers start to wish he was back in the gang. Snow white is having a case of last minute nerves and has had to be taken for some fresh air, this caused an argument between the teachers about which one would go with her, hence leaving the chaos riden dressing room. The front end of the horse's mother rang in earlier saying that he has the flu, so now prince charming has to double up as a horse, he is not best pleased, neither is the back end of the horse, who is twenty cm taller than the prince and now has to bend down throughout the whole performance to avoid snow white looking like she's on a deformed camel.

10 minutes until the curtain rises
Whilst snow white was having some fresh air she fell over so now her 'white as snow' skin was covered in nasty red cuts and smeared with blood, unfortunately, the narrator threatened to quit if the script was changed again so she had to borrow price charming's white tights, neither are happy about the arrangement. The dwafs Happy and Sneezy were sent out to greet the audience and then soon were told to retreat, as Happy had been showing off his colorful language and yet again, sneezy had been taking his role rather literally.

Act one
Snow white opens the show with her solo love song, but forgets the words halfway through so decides to switch to Boom Boom Pow, this was frowned upon by most of the audience apart from her dad, who decided to rap along, he then had to stop as he was spilling his can of beer.The performance ran smoothly for a while until snow white got to her horse. The back end suddenly was desperate for the toilet, and simply couldn't wait. A large puddle appeared onto the stage, most of the parents started to tut and frown apart from snow whites dad, who had perhaps had one to many cans of beer, he stood up and shouted 'Well that’s what horses do ain't it?'. He was then removed from the performance whilst the puddle was mopped up because it was obvious clumsy was going to slip in it.

The interval
Grumpy was sent around selling ice creams, sneezy had volunteered for the job, but for obvious reasons he wasn't aloud. Snow white had her bandages changed by brokey, who considered herself an expert in the field, clumsy challenged this and a fight broke out. They then had a race to see who could put a plaster on themselves the fastest, the teacher was about to stop them but she didn't have the energy, so she went to wake sleepy up who was exhausted after all the yawning he had been doing.

Act 2
The second half started smoothly, until snow white refused to eat the 'Poisoned Apple' because she didn't like fruit, this resulted in the wicked witch ramming it into her throat. Unfortunately, snow white choked on the apple and was rushed of stage, after slamming her on the back a couple of times the teacher called an ambulance and snow white was taken to A&E. But, the show must go on, so after some improvisation the play resulted in Prince Charming marrying the Wicked Witch and all the dwafs were bridesmen. At the end of the evening, the parents took home their 'little darlings' and snow whites father was taken into custody.

The teachers need a stiff gin.

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