Sunday, 17 July 2011

Me, Myself and I

Hi there! My name is Sarah (aka Sahara) and I am 14 years old (I bet you  didn't see that introduction coming). This is my blog called Teenage Daze (not that you didn't already know that, you clicked on it), I’m going to be writing about my observations of everyday life and I am going to try and make them rather funny.

A bit about me...
I live in a very unexciting place (Earth) with my Mum, Dad and little brother, I am sure they will feature quite regularly in this blog. My dog Eddie also lives with us, or should I say, we live with Eddie, he practically runs the place! I have been doing ballet since I was three and please don't say ballet is just for girls or you will have an argument with me and you will loose. I play the saxophone (a very cool instrument) and I play in the local orchestra (that’s not as sad as it sounds, promise.) You should also know, that much to my mothers dismay, I am never short of an opinion.

My Writing...

I started writing at home a couple of years ago and I was inspired to write funny (I hope) stuff by Robert Crampton (a columnist for the Times Magazine). I am currently working on a novel called 'The Secret Diary of an Argumentative Teenager' (I’m never sure which words have capital letters in that title). I also write short stories, for father’s day I wrote one for my dad called 'The undercover life of a middle aged man' and one for my mums birthday called 'Grumpy old woman'.

So that’s the end of my first blog. I will now spend the rest of my evening doing my maths homework (pointless subject) and fishing out my school uniform for tomorrow (I’m sure my tights hide from me deliberately), oh the joys of
being a teenager.

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