Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Well this is very exiting

Hopefully, this blog will have been sent here by email! Isn't that clever. Technolgy really does amaze me sometimes, imagine that, I can blog from school, from my ipod, anywhere really. Wow. Mind=blown better make some effort to say something interesting in this blog so... I am currently working on my english cousework called why i hate cash in the; when i have done and it has been sent off i will put it on here. If i put it on now i will get accused of copying- off myself. Stupid rules. I hate rules, but that my friend is another blog. So goodbye from this very tech wiz blog. (i do appologise for the spelling errors, as my email has no spell check and for the lack of captital i's, Apple are capable of creating such amazing technology but not making an auto capital thingy. We live in a damaged world my friends

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