Thursday, 29 September 2011

How to be popular, without the popular

'Popular people' are the type of people who think they are popular, they're not but we let them think that because they're brains wouldn't cope with anything else. I have one or two other names for this group, however this blog is family friendly.

To qualify for this group you need loads of makeup and very little skirt. You also need to get drunk every friday night (classy) and you have to have an IQ of about -10000000.

Anyway, once you have qualified for the group your going to need a nickname. I could come up with one... No, as I said, this is a family friendly blog. You are also going to need an expensive bag that you stole the money for and if anyone else has this bag you must give them as many dirty looks as you can. You also need some dodgey hair extensions and cheap shoes and your good to go.

Now you look 'popular' you need to act it. Note, I said act because you're not really like this, you're just putting on a show. You need to be arrogant, pushy and a huge show off. Easy enough? Brillant! Your going to be a wonderful 'popular' person. So off you trot to the subway where you can smoke and drink to your hearts content.

Oh! I almost forgot! Make sure you call revising stupid and fail all your gcse's that will get you off to a great start in your career in a fast food restraunt. Alternativly, you could just watch daytime tv all day, after all you have so many 'issues'.

If you don't 'get' this blog I am pleased to inform you that you are already a 'popular' person and don't need to worry your ugly little head about it.

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