Monday, 24 October 2011

How to carve a pumpkin

On Friday I carved my very first pumpkin, on my own. Obviously, I have done them before but my mum insists on supervising ever since the incident with my brother and the knife. I better explain or you will think I just go around stabbing people. Basically, I was drying the dishes and my little brother was annoying me, I started shouting at him and as it happens I was just about to put away a knife. So I was shouting at my brother whilst holding a knife. Personally I don't see what all the fuss is about, there was no need for all that screaming.

Anyway, so since that day I have never been trusted alone with knives but on Friday at rangers (when you get to old for girl guides) we carved pumpkins so I thought I was finally going to get one. I was wrong. They made us carve pumpkins with spoons! Why on Earth they couldn't just have given us knives is beyond me.

So, on Friday night, spoon at the ready I set about carving my pumpkin. It's not as easy as it looks. When I first drew my 'design' (a smiley face) onto the pumpkin with a pen I thought it was going to be easy so I did a lot of detail on the eyes (eyelashes) and a lot of detail on the mouth (teeth). I was proud of my design and couldn't wait to start carving.

Within the first few minutes of carving my hand had slipped so my pumpkin man had a lovely scar in between his eyes. So, not to be put off I changed it so he looked like he was wearing a pair of glasses. Be it a very large pair of glasses. Unfortunately, his eyes didn't turn out the shape I was intending, or the size, and they were completely different to each other. I thought it made him look quirky- my friends disagreed.

The mouth went quite well considering  my newly found lack of talent for pumpkin carving. I just did it in one massive block, so it's a very large, square mouth. But I was pleased with it. I had now finished my pumpkin and when everyone lined there's up I can safely say mine stood out. All be it for the wrong reasons.

When I got home I asked my mum if she was proud of me. She replied, I will always be proud Sarah, you tried your best. I'm not sure she was keen on my pumpkin.

All hail Sarah's pumpkin, with it's large glasses and square (ish) mouth.

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