Monday, 10 October 2011

Unicycles and me

I love unicycles, in my opinion they are the best form of transport. Rushing through the open countryside, the wind blowing your hair as you glide along on your unicycle. Or not as the case may be. Try wobbeling around on the seat holding on the park railing for dear life.

 I love unicycles, don't get me wrong but I do find them... rather challenging shall we say. My first encountor with a unicycle came last Sunday. My friend Ellie was practically wizzing round on her's so I though, how hard can it be? Within five minutes I was all helmeted up and ready for action. The first challenge came when I had to try and get on the thing. Turns out there is quite a knack to it, although by the end of the day I was rather good at getting on, having fallen off so much, every cloud eh? Anyway, after several (hundred) attempts I finally sat on the unicycle, I was grabbing onto the park railings to keep myslef upright but I was definatly sitting on it.

Next it came to riding the thing, having watched Ellie for a few times I was confident I would be ok. I pushed the left pedal forwards, anticipating my first taste of riding a unicycle untill... thud. The unicycle went from undearneath me and I was stood, still holiding onto the railings, unicycleless. How embarrasing. However, I lost my dignity completly that day, considering how many times I fell off.

About half an hour later I could finally rotate the pedals once. What an achiment. Ellie by this time was wizzing around the park with no trouble at all. The rest of the people in the park gazed in awe at Ellie and laughed openly at me. Once I could do one roation I had a bit of a learning spurt and I was doing quite well, if I don't say so myself. Of course, my hands were sore from grabbing onto the railing so much. What? Did you think I was making all this progress un-aided? Of course not, the railings were there the whole time, I couldn't even sit on it without them. At one point I did manage to do a hundreth of a metre with one hand on Ellie's shoulder but I think it did her shoulder more harm than good...

Nearing the end of my unicycle experience I decided that I asked Ellie if she thought I could do it without the helmet she replied "No Sarah, I don't think that would be a good idea". So then we went home, Ellie unicycled the whole way, I was deemed to slow and unsafe for the roads. Charming.

I think the unicycles of the world are now glad I have finished... until next time unicycles, goodbye.

On a side note I must add, one improvment I would make to the unicycle, add another wheel. Several other wheels.

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