Monday, 21 November 2011

I bet I can get my noes higher

Well all have that one 'friend' that thinks they are better than everybody else, they think they were the best thing to ever happen to this Earth and you should be grateful to be in their presence. I am absoulty fed up of these people. Who do they think they are? Gliding around, their noes as high as the Eiffel tower passing comments about everything and anyone under the sun (or their noes).

They must think they have been given some special role in life, to rule over everyone else. Well, snobs of the world, I hate to break it to you but your just like us. Yes, you are no better than the commoners so I would start bringing your nose through the atmosphere now.

There are many reasons I can't stand snobs. Firstly, they can't do anything wrong can they? "Oh yes, I did fail my exam but it was the teachers fault" or "Yes, I did lose your money but tut wasn't my fault". They need to get over themselves seriously.

Secondly, they think their opinion is the flipping law. If they say something then that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth and no one else's opinion is important. For example they say "those shoes are horrible" then that is the final word. The shop may as well take them off the sheep because they have been deemed 'horrible' by some stuck up snob.

I could go on, I really could, but I have school tomorrow and I don't want to be deemed tired by the rules of all (the snobs).

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