Monday, 7 November 2011

Who will leave the talent show this week? Let's ask the producers...

This is a rant. If you don't like rants then don't read it. Simple.

The X-factor must be fixed. I'm sorry to tell you but it is. This week a boy band went out. Why?! If you think about it logically, who is the main audience of the x-factor? Teenagers. What are half of those teenagers? Girls. What do teenage girls like? Boy bands. It doesn't make any sense. I bet the producers have it all planned out, who is going to leave when, when they are going to be in the bottom two against and which judges have to vote for each act. T.v is at it's worst.

Also, I am sick of 'double evictions'. I bet they only take place because the producers have just realised that they have one too many contestants for the number of weeks the show is running for and think to themselves, "Oh dear, we better get rid of an extra one this week". The other reason could be because X-factor's ratings are at an all time lower and they are now scraping the barrel for ideas to 'spice it up a bit'. I know X-factor! Why don't you just not run at all then we can all get on with our lives? I saw a rumour in a newspaper this week that next Saturday the judges are all going to swap categories. Are they really that desperate? Probably.

I am being a bit unfair to X-factor, all t.v talent shows are rubbish. Basically, they are a way for people to become 'famous' for all of six months, release an album, have it do quite well, release another album, have it do rubbish and then get dropped from their label. Their fame lasts about a year, max. They will then do a 'comeback tour' 5 years later, by that time everyone will have forgotten about them, so they won't sell any tickets, and then they find themselves back where they started. Working in a supermarket. Harsh but true.

The talent shows that start with z-list celebrities and try and make them famous again 'on ice' or 'dancing with a star' or 'in a jungle' are just weird. These people often did quite well in their day, so why on earth would they want to lower themselves to going on one of these talent shows is beyond me. Never mind, they can always come back the following year to judge it, I mentioning no names...

On the positive side, there is some good acts to have come out of talent shows, Diversity, Once Direction and JLS have all done well for themselves, which is great but the thing is, they could have done it without the show, it was just a way for them to get noticed.

So that's the end of my rant on talent shows, must dash, I'm halfway through my application form for 'The dancing on ice with a celebrity in the jungle factor'.

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